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Leeds Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan of 1991 as updated in April 2013


This Comprehensive Plan is the second update of the plan adopted in 1973. The first update was completed and adopted in 1991. A committee of local volunteers began the process in April of 2010 under the guidance of members, Rich Rothe and Bruce Bell, in accordance with the "Committee Rules" as adopted and the "Comprehensive Plan Review Criteria Rule" from the State Planning Office. The finished plan was reviewed and accepted as complete by the State Planning Office and adopted by the Town at the annual Town Meeting in June 2013. The plan contains a compilation of general information and detailed data of physical characteristics, population and development patterns. Strategies are proposed to deal with anticipated issues including suggestions for zoning and ordinance changes. Zoning standards must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.



To view the comprehensive plan please click here

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