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Broadband Update

GO TO wklcba.org FOR


Click here to read about

the need for broadband connectivity for education during this pandemic.  

The West Kennebec Lakes

Broadband Association made up of representatives from Fayette, Readfield, Vienna, Mt Vernon, Wayne, and Leeds are meeting monthly looking for ways to upgrade service in the communities. 

The Town of Leeds Broadband Committee is working in partnership with the WKLCBA to commission the report below.


Franklin County's Broadband Initiative




To view Rules of Order when attending a selectmen's meeting click here.

To view the town of Leeds Social Media Policy click here.













Did you know? 

Turner Rescue is now offering Leeds residents a subscription plan that could save potentially hundreds of dollars if you ever need to be transported by Turner Rescue.  For more information and the paperwork to sign up please click here.


Click here to read the letter regarding the health risks caused by the growing population of brown tail moths. For more information from the link in the letter, click here.

Look below for online registration options:

Click here for vehicle and trailer registrations. 

(Rapid Renewal will not work for first time registrations.)

As of May 1st, 2020 all motorized watercraft on Maine waters must have a valid registration.

Click here for recreational registrations and licenses.  

(The previous year's registrations are required for renewals.)

Ever forget to register your car?

The state will send you an email reminder one month before your registration is due. Sign up for free here.



An Amish community resides on the Wales side of Leeds Junction Road. Take a look at information on sharing the road here.

The first installment of the 2021 taxes is due November 5th, 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 guidelines, we are only allowing two customers in the office at a time. We encourage you to pay in advance, online, or mail in your payments to avoid lines outside the office.




The Town Office will also be closed for business on election day- Tuesday, November 3rd, and we will not be accepting tax payments on this day.




Ballots are available to be picked up at the Town Office.

The deadline for in-person absentee voting is Friday, October 30th.

Residents who need to register to vote or update their address are encouraged to take care of this task before election day, if

possible. Due to anticipated crowds on voting day,  it is recommended these services be taken care of well in advance.  Residents can go to the Town Office to register to vote.   This task can also be taken care of through the mail up through October 19th.  For more information and to print out a voter registration card,  visit the Maine Secretary of State’s website: 


Click here to make an online request for an absentee ballot for the November 3rd election.

You can track your ballot here.

The deadline to request a ballot online or over the phone is Thursday, October 29th.

Please only fill out one application per person.

                                                        There is a ballot                                                    drop box 

                                          available at the

                                             Town Office.                                 

If you have any interest in ballot clerking for the election days, please contact the Town Office.

Click here for information about

Rank Choice Voting.

                                                     Dog licensing for the 2021                                                                  year is available                                                               online and at the Town                                                                      Office. First time                                                                registrations must be                                                             done at the Town Office (spayed or neutered and rabies certificates are required). Renewals can be done online (rabies certificates are required). Click here to renew online.

We are seeking two planning board alternates. If you have any interest, please contact the Town Office.

If you are looking for more information on the Leeds Solar Project by Walden Renewables, click the link below.

Leeds Solar Project Public Presentation

The transfer station will now be open

on Wednesdays- 9am to 4pm, and Saturdays- 8am to 5pm. The trash bags will be available to purchase at the transfer station.

The demolition dumpster is open until November 14th, weather permitting.

Marriage Licenses may be applied for at the town office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30pm to 3:30pm. Please plan to spend at least half an hour to complete the application, and call ahead if you can. Please apply at least three days prior to the wedding.












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