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The National Digital Equity Center's 'Maine Digital Inclusion Initiative' offers free digital literacy instruction to towns all over Maine! 

 Introduction to Computer
 Windows 7, 8, 10
 Internet Safety
 Microsoft Word
 Microsoft Excel
 Microsoft Outlook
 Microsoft Publisher
 Microsoft PowerPoint
 QuickBooks
 PhotoShop

 Social Media including FaceBook for Business & Individuals, Twitter, etc.
 WordPress
 Video Streaming
 iPad
 Gmail, Google Docs, etc.
 Targeted Classes:
 Aging in Place
 Tourism
 Business Growth and Support
 Websites, Social Media and Domain Email
 Cutting the Cord
 How to have a Smart House
 Accessing Distance Learning Education

Click these overviews for more information about the offered programs: 

NDEC Overview

MDII Overview

For information on the classes being offered click here. 

Complete this survey to bring the FREE programs to Leeds!!!!

(Paper forms of this information and the survey are available at the town office.)

To view Rules of Order when attending a selectmen's meeting click here.

To view the town of Leeds Social Media Policy click here.


Broadband Update

        As of February 2020

The West Kennebec Lakes

Broadband Association made up of representatives from Fayette, Readfield, Vienna, Mt Vernon, Wayne, and Leeds are meeting monthly looking for ways to upgrade service in the communities. 

State of Maine Broadband Action Plan January 2020

Phase 1 Report

Phase 2 Report



Did you know? 

Turner Rescue is now offering Leeds residents a subscription plan that could save potentially hundreds of dollars if you ever need to be transported by Turner Rescue.  For more information and the paperwork to sign up please click here.

Marriage Licenses may be applied for at the town office on Mondays from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and Wednesdays from 12:30pm to 3:30pm. Please apply at least three days prior to the wedding.







The town office will be closed to the public until further notice.

  There are options for renewing registrations online.

Click here for vehicle and trailer registrations.

(Rapid Renewal will not work for first time registrations.)

Click here for recreational registrations and licenses.

(The previous year's registrations are required for renewals.)

You can also pay your taxes online. The first half was due November 4th, 2019, and the second half is due May 5th, 2020. Click the link below to make an online payment.
You can also mail tax payments to the office-
P.O. Box 206
Leeds, ME 04263







The  code enforcement officer will be available by phone and email only. The office will be available to answer phone calls during regular office hours. 
We hope everyone stays safe and healthy!!

The Leeds Volunteer Fire Department is not issuing any burning permits until further notice.


You may still obtain an outside burning permit online by going to There is a seven dollar fee for a two day permit.

Online permits only allow burning between the hours of 5 pm and 9 am unless it is a steady rain fall or the ground is completely covered with snow. They also only allow burning on class 1 and 2 days.

This action has been taken to align our practices with the orders coming out of the Governor's Office as well as  to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Thank you for your understanding

Glenn J. Holt Fire Chief, Town of Leeds

The town meeting has been postponed until a date determined by the municipal officers. To view the official postponement document, click here.

All registration expiration dates have been extended indefinitely. For private sales without temporary plates, there is a form you can print as a temporary registration for the vehicle. Click here to print the form and for more information. There are copies of this form available in the black mailbox outside the town office door if you are unable to print at home.

The transfer station will be continue to be open its normal hours-
Wednesdays- 11a.m. to 4p.m.
Saturdays- 8a.m. to 5p.m.
The trash bags will be available to purchase at the transfer station.
The demolition dumpster will be open on April 11th.






Ever forget to register your car???

The state will send you an email reminder one month before your registration is due. Sign up for free here.


                                       Browntail Moths

                                             Click here to read the                                                 letter regarding the 

                                             health risks caused by                                              growing  population of                                               browntail moths. For                                                 more information                                                       from the link in the                                                    letter, click here.




An Amish community resides on the Wales side of Leeds Junction Road. Take a look at information on sharing the road here.